Why Are Businesses Cutting Corners When It Comes To Investing In Tech?

[Codango: Please be advised that although this post is made in the UK Codango realm, it is a real challenge for many businesses in many different locations. We do not mean to pick on the UK specifically… but the article source was from a UK news source.]

Tanmaya Varma: Businesses risk being held back by failing to invest in tech.

How can the hurdles be overcome to give staff the tools they need?

Almost half of UK are firms (48 per cent) are delaying investment in technology for their sales teams because of concerns over cost, according to the SalesTech report by CITE research and SugarCRM.

Deploying tech to a workforce, as we know, can be expensive and complex; our research found that nearly a quarter (22 per cent) of UK companies spend at least £2,400 per sales employee.

While it’s great to see that investment is being made in some quarters…

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