The Digital World Forum: It’s Time For The UK Government To Step Up To The Plate

Derek Wyatt, a former MP listed by Internet Magazine as one of the top 100 Internet visionaries, explains why the government should seize the moment before it is lost and host a Digital World Forum.

This is a big idea.

The last really big one in Parliament was The Open University which was fathered by Michael Young and given birth by an unlikely set of twins known as Harold Wilson and Jenny Lee.

The OU was always going to find itself torn between being a traditional University rather than an OPEN one so no wonder the current Vice Chancellor has walked the plank rather than adapt the original model to the Internet.

By now surely the OU should have been the go-to university, the GTOU – the global teaching open university – in a dozen languages.

Never mind.

The OU saved my life.

In 1972, I signed on as a C student in the Arts and six years later, whilst holding down a full time job and training and playing serious rugby three times a week in my long journey to be capped for England, I scored.

I scored an upper second largely in Modern Art & Architecture.

The OU simply changed my life.

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