An Early Backer Of #Facebook And #Spotify Just Invested Millions In This UK #AI Startup

[Codango: Technology these days seems like a series of throw-backs to Schwarzenegger movies: Terminator 3 with AI… The “Johnny Cab” driver with Total Recall… ugh, what is next?]

Lynsey Barber: The venture fund set up by an early backer of Facebook, Spotify and Skype has invested millions in a UK artificial intelligence startup that is planning on getting driverless cars on the road.

Lakestar Capital has led the £14m series B round into FiveAI, the company working with Mclaren technologies and Transport for London on self-driving technology.

Previous investors Amadeus Capital Partners – the VC firm set up by ARM founder Herman Hauser – Notion Capital and Kindred are also…

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